About Us…

Who Are we?

We hope you’re enjoying looking through our products and find something that will really give you the unique look you’re searching for!!

Alumi Designs are based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and all of the products are made locally so we have good control of the complete manufacturing process, from design to CNC Laser cutting of the products and professional spray painting if required. 

We come up with all of our own designs and are always working on more to ensure there’s a design for all tastes. However we offer a bespoke service so if you want a certain design produced in our metal products please contact us and we’ll do all we can to make your idea a reality!

So how did it start?

Back in 2019 Julia Walker was looking for a different idea for décor of the blank walls in her home. She wanted to find something different to the usual wall art such as paintings or photo’s etc. but just couldn’t find anything that would give her the look she was searching for.

She therefore thought she’d come up with something herself and decided she’d like to have something made from Metal. Her husband ran his own Engineering company so she worked with him to come up with some interesting designs that he could get manufactured from Metal Plate. It was decided to use high quality Aluminium Plate for the designs and so Alumi designs was set up in 2019. 

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